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Design of a Weapon: Targeting the Human Microbiome

Sasha Latypova

… I believe the highlighted part above explains the operating principles behind weaponizable synthetic DNA/RNA material which was designed to induce “covid” illness in population via deliberate deployment.

… Notice the use of small RNAs, i.e., using inherent RNA instability and propensity to shatter to produce desired harmful cargoes as weaponized payload. Continuing with the book chapter, it explains the main obstacle to microbiome weaponization – the healthy microbiome of course! Healthy microbiome already occupies all the available space in the body while the weaponized material needs to be transferred to enough members of the species to be effective.

… Hijacking of microbiome can be used to spread toxins and further damage microbiomes of the population by engineered dysbiosis

… when you inject someone with a microbiome damaging substance marketed as “Covid-19 vaccines” the weapon works as designed! The microbiome gets destroyed

… the mechanism of weaponization of the mRNA/DNA “injections” is the same or largely similar to what is described in books on weaponizable biotechnologies: transfection of cells by delivery of RNA + “DNA contaminants” into the cells and induction of dysbiosis, which will in turn cause cascades of many chronic illnesses. This mechanism is now confirmed to be included in Pfizer and Moderna vials by direct testing with sequencing techniques by a highly experienced genomics scientist.

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