Bivalent Booster’s “8-Mice Trial” Actually FAILED

Igor Chudov

So, the FDA just approved the new Ba.5 bivalent booster, based on a trial of exactly 8 mice.

…  the Ba.5 bivalent booster was incredibly consistent producing antibodies against the Wuhan variant.

… However, the bivalent booster was extremely INCONSISTENT when producing antibody responses against Ba.5 variant.

… the 8 Pfizer standardized Balb/c mice, quite identical and reacting identically at producing Wuhan antibodies, reacted WILDLY DIFFERENTLY when producing Ba5 antibodies!!! One of them had an immune reaction producing 300 antibody titers, while another similar mouse produced 73 times more antibodies, or 22,000 titers!

Did the mouse who got a 73 times greater immune reaction, feel sicker? Did the mouse who got a 73 times lower reaction, get no protection from Ba.5 variant? Pfizer is not sharing that.

… Vaccine advocates and fact checkers might object and say that mice are not people. I would agree! Mice are NOT people! 

So why did you not test the bivalent booster on people?

… P.S. Sep 1 – All 8 mice boosted with the Ba.5 booster, got sick with Covid when challenged with Ba.5 variant virus.

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