Canada Govt DELETES Thousands of Reported Adverse Events of Special Interest Pertaining to Hearts, CNS & Autoimmune Disorders

Tim Truth

You can see the 6/24/2022 resulted in the deletion of the following 1,973 reports:

  • 110 cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome BCD* level 42
  • 93 cases of Thrombocytopenia (low blood platelets) BCD* level 42
  • 1,025 cases of Myocarditis2/Pericarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle and lining around the heart) BCD* level 4
  • 11 cases of Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (blood clot with low platelets) BCD* level 42
  • 734 cases of Bell’s Palsy2/facial paralysis BCD* level 4

Keep in mind these 1,973 deleted reports of “adverse events of special interest” accounted for 28.3% of all the total adverse events of special interest.

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