Canada’s Deadly Response to COVID-19

The foundation for government led response to emergencies in Canada is the system of emergency management (EM). Federal and provincial/territorial governments have EM agencies which are charged with the mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery to all hazards. These EM agencies work routinely with other orders of government, internal government Ministries, jurisdictional private sector entities, and non-government organizations (NGOs). These routine inter-relationships are required to ensure timely, efficient, and effective action in times of emergency. These EM agencies also have
methodically prepared general and hazard-specific plans to ensure both rapid and coordinated response in times of emergency. These EM agencies have established, practiced, and exercised process and operating systems necessary for complete action for the resolution of emergencies.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Canada, it is apparent that the emergency management system has been sidelined. The Medical Officers of Health (MOHs) have been placed in charge both federally and in the provinces/territories (P/T). This has resulted in a deadly and massively damaging response. It has caused unnecessary death in our seniors and massive collateral damage to mental health, societal health,
education/development of our children, to our citizens with other severe illnesses, to our national economy, our civil rights, and to our trust in our democracy.

This position paper describes the EM process that should have been followed, while contrasting it with what took place in actuality. Each step is shown in order; some steps may have occurred simultaneously. By the end of this position paper, the breadth and depth of what has been overlooked in the Canadian response to COVID-19 becomes enormously evident.

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