Could Lipid Nanoparticles be Changing Essential Human Qualities of the Vaccinated?

Rhoda Wilson

The spike protein haunts some of the good “dissident doctors” and honest scientists. The mRNA fragments, for their part, profoundly disturb others; and all for good reasons.

But it is the lipid nanoparticles (“LNPs”) in the mRNA injections that keep me up at night, feeling that the dystopia on earth has now fully arrived, wrote Dr. Naomi Wolf. “And the reasons for that include questions that border on the metaphysical; as the LNPs, it seems to me, are able to negatively affect the very essence of our humanity.”

In an essay she published on Substack on Wednesday, Dr. Wolf described a visit to Manhattan after a “wave of boosters” had been rolled out where she distinctly felt that the “the massive energy field —that sense of an island as a pulsing human generator, the electricity that had galvanised generations of newcomers to Manhattan — that was simply gone.”

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