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Dangerous mRNA Vaccine Contaminants Were Just Discovered

A Midwestern Doctor

One of the major challenges with mass-producing the mRNA vaccines was the number of complex steps (prone to error) that had to be done correctly to create the finalized product. A few of these were:

•Producing the correct DNA plasmids (those that would result in spike protein mRNA being made).

•Giving the DNA plasmids to E. coli bacteria, which then began reproducing them, which were then harvested and transformed into DNA that could be used to make the spike protein-producing mRNA.

•Eliminating everything except the intended mRNA from that mixture so that it could then be packaged into the lipid nanoparticles for the nal vaccine product.

Although there have been many signs that the final mRNA product was not what Pfizer and Moderna advertised it to be, to my knowledge, no one has directly tested the genetic sequences present. Fortunately, the technology to do so is widely available, and recently an anonymous Substack did just that. One of its most interesting discoveries was that the DNA plasmids were still present at a much higher concentration than the arbitrary threshold set by drug regulators. This has a lot of very important implications which we will discuss a er a brief interlude.

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