FDA Has Known about Vaccine Shedding for Years and Has Even Issued Guidance on How to Evaluate the Risk

Rhoda Wilson

In 2015 the US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) issued guidance on how to conduct shedding studies during the preclinical and clinical development of virus or bacteria-based gene therapy products. Shedding, as described by the FDA, is the excretion or release of a product from a vaccinated person’s body. The shed gene therapy product may be infectious and so raises safety concerns “related to the risk of transmission to untreated individuals.”

Various studies and documents, including a study by Pfizer, indicate vaccine shedding and transmission are occurring.

A University of Colorado study published in May provided evidence “for a new mechanism by which herd immunity may be manifested – the aerosol transfer of antibodies between immune and non-immune hosts.”

… Additionally, in February 2022, Dr. Philippe van Welbergen demonstrated that “shards” of graphene are being transmitted from vaccinated to unvaccinated people.

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