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How Molecular Hydrogen Can Help Your Immune System

Joseph Mercola

Molecular hydrogen (H2 gas) has powerful antioxidant and anti-in ammatory effects, making it potentially useful for COVID-19.

Being the smallest molecule in the universe and having no polar charge, the hydrogen molecule is also able to diffuse through all cell membranes and subcellular compartments, including the nucleus and the mitochondria. It doesn’t need any transporters to do this, so it’s exceptionally bioavailable.

Several Chinese investigators are using H2 therapy in COVID-19 patients, and preliminary results are encouraging.

Tyler W. LeBaron, founder of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute, explains the pathophysiology of COVID-19, and the rationale for why H2 is being clinically investigated and recommended by prominent doctors and organizations for COVID-19.

It’s important to pulse or create an acute elevation of H2 in your system over a short period rather than having continuous exposure. That acute elevation is what activates the Nrf2 pathway that upregulates your endogenous antioxidants.

Image: Sincerely Media @ Unsplash

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