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How the Government of Canada is Manipulating Their Own Data to Claim that “Vaccines Significantly Reduce COVID-19 Cases”, When the Data Shows the Opposite

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The ‘Cases following vaccination’ data published by PHAC proves two facts:

#1: Post-marketing data does not support claims about vaccine efficacy.

Data published by PHAC reveal that people with 4 doses had more Covid cases (including deaths) than unvaccinated, not less, as shown in PHAC reports.

#2: Data also proves that Government of Canada has been deliberately manipulating the statistics presentation so as to mislead Canadians about vaccine efficacy.

Data published by PHAC also show that PHAC has been deliberately publishing their data in such a way as to mislead Canadians into believing that Covid vaccines considerably reduce the number of Covid cases, , hospitalization and death, whereas in reality the data shows that they do not. In fact, for the period from June 12, 2022 to September 25, 2022, examined here, the data showed the opposite!

By extending the presented analysis to all published reports (as done in Appendix below), one will be able to prove that PHAC has been publishing the misleading information about the vaccine efficacy from the very beginning, i.e., from its very first “Cases following vaccination” reports published in August 2021 and still continues to do so.

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