How To Get The Bugs Out

Janet Starr Hull

Many diseases and disease syndromes source to parasites, bacteria, yeast or fungus. Here are some natural ways to prevent microorganisms from finding a home inside your body, and ways to remove them if they have already set up housekeeping.

If microbes are present, certain foods, medications, and food chemicals can stimulate them. However, you may have unknowningly contracted microbes years ago, yet they have remained dormant. Ask yourself: did you ever cut your foot in a lake, or deal with animals? Where and when could you have picked them up?

… If you suspect having parasites within you may be contributing to the root of your health concerns and to the root of many cancers, more specific nutrients may be necessary to remove them. Interestingly, I have discovered through years of performing the hair analyses that parasites (including most bacteria) attach to toxic metals (such as lead, mercury, copper or titanium) like barnacles attach to a ship! It is important to remove them all.

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