Is Terrain Theory Just a Theory?

Rosanne Lindsay

In the world of healing and opposite extremes, The Terrain Theory is contrasted to The Germ Theory.

Are these opposing theories working for us?  Are people healing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual? Or are opposites set up to cause friction, division, and separation?

In a world of duality, are people coerced into making a choice between two extremes when there is always a third option: balance?  If balance is where healing, peace, and unity are found, then shouldn’t we move past duality toward a One consciousness existence?

In a world of opposing forces, does one force eventually rise to truth, thus proving the opposite to be counterfeit? Or are both valid options in a world of free will and free choice? Let’s break these theories down to discern if we must be held to a dual reality standard or if another reality works better.

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