Meat, Organs, Bones and Skin

Christopher Masterjohn

My anxiety disorders became seriously aggravated on a vegetarian diet but were resolved after including nutrient-dense animal foods in my diet.

Consistent with my personal experience, seven out of eight studies have shown that vegetarians are more likely than their non-vegetarian counterparts to experience mental disorders.

These studies cannot prove cause and effect, but vegetarian diets may induce a number of nutrient deficiencies that could contribute to the development of mental disorders.

Vitamin B12, folate, methionine and glycine support the proper regulation of a biochemical process called methylation, which in turn regulates the neurotransmitter dopamine.

This biochemical process contributes to the appropriate balance between mental stability and mental exibility, which is needed for optimal mental health.

Meat, bones, skin and organ meats such as liver provide a balance of the nutrients needed to support the proper regulation of methylation, and thus to support robust and vibrant mental health.

Nutrient-dense plant foods are also beneficial.

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