When and How Can Vaccine Particles Hurt You? – A Visualisation Exercise

Marc Girador

In this article, I attempt to give a wholistic view on the processes by which adverse effects happen in the hope that it will help as many people as possible address jointly with their physicians their vaccine-induced illness.

… Many of my friends tell me: “Marc, there has to be more to it than your theory” as if that statement were a scientific certainty. They might well be right, but the Bolus theory stands firmly and explains most – if not all – the injuries observed. Nearly all steps in the theory detailed herein are either proven or confirmed indirectly. Hardly any conjecture.

… I will dive deeper to explain how it is that adverse effects are so diverse in severity, in symptoms and in location, and how it is mostly physics – concentration, dose, time, location – that explains it all, not micro-biology, even though of course the mechanism of harm is indeed the immune attack of any cell penetrated by a vaccine particle to bring – or create – a very immunogenic antigen (aka foreign material viewed by the immune system as a threat that needs to be destroyed) inside healthy cells.

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