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National Nanotechnology Initiative Specifically Speaks of Covid 19 Bioweapons as “Nano Technology Enabled” and Plans Many More Nanotechnological “Vaccines”

Ana Maria Mihalcea

Millions of people have been mislead in a concerted e4ort to divert attention from the study of nanotechnology in the C19 shots. Mainstream “freedom doctors” proclaimed that we see nothing but salt, sugar and cholesterol. The analysis of the hydrogel clots was omitted, and Anally, only Mike Adams analyzed them – confirming that they are made of self assembly polymers with metals – aka hydrogel.

… This means the nanotechnology had self assembled to grow to large sizes causing rubbery clots, not dissolvable by usual blood thinners.

… To put the matter to rest, and point out the nonsensical nature of denial of the C19 bioweapon as nanotechnology, I would like to review the nanotechnology budget to the President for 2023.

I have highlighted passages of this document, pertaining to the C19 nanotechnology bioweapon that is discussed in many passages. I would like to show, that if even the office of the President admits that C19 shots are nanotechnology, then we should be able to agree there is nanotechnology in the shots. The point of contention is dissolved.

Of note, many of the synthetic biology biosensing modalities, graphene oxide and nanoelectronics, brain computer interface, nanotechnology and graphene for water purification (hence contaminating the water supply), nanotechnology for food production and pharmaceutical delivery as well as every other aspect of life – are also discussed in this funding request. Note the plan to develop a nanotechnology universal vaccine.

Image: Diana Polekhina @ Unsplash

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