No More Clinical Trials Needed

Jessica Rose

Because: Safe and Effective. Foreverrrrrrrrururrrurururrr

This is the meeting [VRBPAC June 28, 2022] that these same financially-conflicted people will vote on to decide for the entire world that clinical trials are pish tosh – no need for them anymore.

But this is why, besides the obvious reasons, you should really care. They have started trialing the self-amplifying version of these modified RNA gene therapy products. Once they ‘make it through’ (they’ll really need to fudge those adverse event counts), there will be no further requirements to test for safety or efficacy. That means, that no matter how bad these things continue to, or begin to, mess up people, there will be no way to ascribe these damages to the products.

… there are a lamentable number of references (19), and my role here will be to go through each one and quote the conclusions of the paper/document referenced to see if the backbone of this report is credible. 

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