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Open Letter to the Health Minister Regarding Health Canada’s Use of the mRNA Vaccines

Canadian Covid Care Alliance

The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are using gene therapy technology in which the active product, the encoded spike protein, is not actually part of the formulation.

Health Canada has used an inappropriate guidance document for the regulatory review, contrary to Good Scientific Practice, effectively compromising the safety of Canadians.

Pharmacokinetics, and distribution studies of the encoded spike protein in various tissues were not performed in any of the Pfizer’s studies. Therefore, off-target effects and the safety of the product were based purely upon assumptions.

Genotoxicity studies were not performed.

Carcinogenicity studies were not performed.

An inappropriate rodent species (i.e., Wistar Han rat) was used to generate nonclinical toxicology data; a species such as the Chinese Golden hamster, in which the ACE2 receptor behaves more like that of humans, would have been appropriate. This effectively compromised the safety toxicology, developmental and reproductive studies.

Developmental and reproductive studies were inadequate. Concentrations of the encoded spike protein were not determined in the pups or in maternal milk. Therefore, it cannot be said that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are suitable to administer to pregnant women and mothers who are breast feeding.

A second species (non-rodent) should have been used to generate nonclinical toxicology data, as per standard procedure. This was not done!

Full histopathology investigations should have been performed plus immunostaining for the encoded spike protein to evaluate its biodistribution in tissue and organs. This was not done.

An ascending dose Phase 1 clinical study should have been performed to include pharmacokinetics of the encoded spike protein, as well as synthetic cationic lipids. This was not done.

Analysis of post-authorization adverse event report data showed high mortality following mRNA vaccine administration. This should have resulted in the immediate and full withdrawal of the product from the market. This did not happen.

Health Canada must give an account for its actions with full transparency. The mRNA vaccines are known not to be as safe and effective, as the Canadian public have been led to believe. Furthermore, the long-term adverse effects of the mRNA vaccines are not known, since the studies required to ascertain this were never performed.

From all the above, Health Canada and the Government of Canada are guilty of spreading misinformation among the Canadian public through heavy advertising in the media without a formal risk-benefit analysis, putting countless lives needlessly at risk.

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