Rebutting “Health Feedback’s” Critique of our Article “Vascular and Organ Damage Induced by mRNA Vaccines: Irrefutable Proof of Causality”

Michael Palmer and Sucharit Bhakdi

On August 19, 2022, we published on this website an article which summarized evidence from autopsies that demonstrated autoimmune-like inflammation in the blood vessels and tissues of patients who had died after receiving a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. In the foci of inflammation, the vaccine-induced expression of spike protein had also been demonstrated, indicating very strongly a causal chain from vaccination to vascular and organ damage and ultimately death.

Our conclusions were disputed by Dr. Iria Carballo-Carbajal in a post on the website “Health Feedback”. We here rebut Dr. Carballo-Carbajal’s more important assertions; but we will let slide some minor ones, because life is short. In the following, Dr. Carballo-Carbajal’s statements will be typeset in italics, whereas our own text will appear in upright font shape.

Quick link to the original article:

Vascular and Organ Damage Induced by mRNA Vaccines: Irrefutable Proof of Causality

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