Secrets of the Pandemic

Swiss Policy Research

Little-known aspects of the coronavirus pandemic.


1) Pandemic Response: Failure or Success?; 2) The SARS&MERS “Death Rate”; 3) China & Zero Covid; 4) Coronavirus Origins; 5) Why Face Masks Have Failed; 6) Covid Vaccine Trials; 7) Covid Treatment: Antivirals & More; 8) Asymptomatic Transmission; 9) Long Covid; 10) Children

Latest articles

The Goddard Report A podcast with Dr. Stephen Malthouse on “Making Doctors... All previous outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics end when Community Immunity, NOT...
Amanuensis Variants have been one of the hallmarks of this pandemic, with...
Samuel Reinfeld et al. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a deleterious...

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