You’ve Been “Nudged”

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Canadian Covid Care Alliance All over the world officials are using an advanced behavioural science model called NUDGE(Thaler & Sunstein, 2019) to watch and modify our behaviours. In Canada, that program is called Impact Canada and has been used to: Image: Vadim Bogulov @ Unsplash

B.C. Health Minister Silent As Muzzling Criticism Grows

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Penny Daflos More B.C. health-care workers have spoken up publicly and on background confirming CTV News reporting on allegations of repercussions for speaking up about patient care and workplace conditions, but the health minister has not answered questions on the matter.  The Doctors of BC and BC Nurses’ Union joined others in denouncing efforts to silence questions, […]

Censorship and Suppression of Covid-19 Heterodoxy: Tactics and Counter-Tactics

Yaffa Shir-Raz et al. The emergence of COVID-19 has led to numerous controversies over COVID-related knowledge and policy. To counter the perceived threat from doctors and scientists who challenge the official position of governmental and intergovernmental health authorities, some supporters of this orthodoxy have moved to censor those who promote dissenting views. The aim of […]

Totalitarianism Disguised as Medicine

Niall McCrae TODAY we are publishing two powerful posts on the same topic – the BBC’s intervention leading to the closure of a number of Facebook groups used by victims of Covid vaccine damage. THE mass injection programme, purportedly to prevent a viral contagion known as Covid-19, is a triumph of collectivism. Individual experience and […]

Judge Gives Fauci 21 Days to Turn Over Emails with Social Media Giants

Suzanne Burdick A federal judge on Tuesday ordered top-ranking Biden administration officials — including Dr. Anthony Fauci and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre — to hand over their communications with five social media giants within 21 days. The ruling stems from a lawsuit filed earlier this year by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and […]

WHO Wants to Censor Infodemic “Misinformation” with Pandemic Treaty

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Keean Bexte A World Health Organization White Paper advocating for expanding WHO powers through the pandemic treaty puts tackling “infodemic” COVID “misinformation” at the top of their list. Under the guise of “Community protection,” the WHO writes, “Infodemic of COVID-19 misinformation – often combined with ineffective and inconsistent risk communication and public health messaging – eroded public trust in […]

Suppressing Scientific Discourse on Vaccines? Self-perceptions of Researchers and Practitioners

Ety Elisha, Josh Guetzkow, Yaffa Shir-Raz, Natti Ronel The controversy over vaccines has recently intensi ed in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, with calls from politicians, health professionals, journalists, and citizens to take harsh measures against so-called “anti-vaxxers,” while accusing them of spreading “fake news” and as such, of endangering public health. However, […]