How Antiobiotics Created the Industrial Chicken Industry – And Drug-Resistant Infections

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Joseph Mercola Antibiotic resistance is a vastly underestimated health threat; an estimated 23,000 Americans die each year from drug-resistant infections, including drug-resistant sexually transmitted diseases. Agriculture plays a major role in this; in the U.S., four times as many antibiotics are used in livestock as are used in human medicine. When animals are given antibiotics, […]

Researchers Discover a Potential Cause for Parkinson’s

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Joseph Mercola Researchers from the University of Helsinki linked a strain of Desulfovibrio bacteria as a causative agent of Parkinson’s disease, which may open new therapeutic avenues to screen for, slow progression or prevent Parkinson’s. Nearly 1 million people in the U.S. live with Parkinson’s and 90,000 new cases are diagnosed each year; new findings […]

Food and Mood: How Do Diet and Nutrition Affect Mental Wellbeing?

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Joseph Firth et al. … In recent years, the relationships bet­ween nutrition and mental health have gained considerable interest. Indeed, epidemiological research has observed that adherence to healthy or Mediterranean dietary patterns—high consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes; moderate consumption of poultry, eggs, and dairy products; and only occasional consumption of red meat—is associated […]

Role of Gut Microbiome in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Its Therapeutic Regulation

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Masuma Afrin Taniya et al. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological disorder that affects normal brain development. The recent finding of the microbiota–gut–brain axis indicates the bidirectional connection between our gut and brain, demonstrating that gut microbiota can influence many neurological disorders such as autism. Most autistic patients suffer from gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms. Many […]

How Glyphosate Destroys Your Health

Joseph Mercola Glyphosate is a very efficient metal chelator. This, in turn, disrupts your gut microbes because it makes minerals unavailable to the microbes. Your gut microbes need those minerals, as their enzymes depend on them for proper functioning. There’s a strong correlation between the rise in celiac disease over time and the rise in […]