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The “Covid-19” and Air Pollution

Mike Stone

Since I state that there is no valid scientific evidence for the existence of “SARS-COV-2” nor any other “virus” running around causing disease, I am often asked “If it’s not a virus, then what is it making people sick?” To answer this, a few things must be understood first. For starters, not a single person is suffering any new symptoms of disease. Every symptom associated with “Covid-19” can be found on the same spectrum progressing from allergies on up to pneumonia. We have known of these ailments for centuries. This is not a new disease, only a new name given to the same set of symptoms. Did you really think that the flu just up and disappeared due to lockdowns, masks and social distancing? These precautions were tried during the 1918 Spanish flu well over a hundred years ago. It didn’t stop the flu then and it sure didn’t stop it now.

Secondly, there are many factors that can ultimately lead to illness. Disease does not need to be explained by only one single cause. If we are to look at the body as a gigantic waste removal system in a constant cycle of cleanse and repair, it is easy to understand that the more toxic waste we put into our body, the greater the effort will be to remove this material from the body. Symptoms of disease such as fever, coughing, sweating, congestion, vomiting, etc. are all varying ways for the body to expel the toxins it has accumulated over time. The severity of the symptoms signifies the stage of the toxic state found within as well as the effort required to cleanse the body back to normal.

It should go without saying then that what we put into our bodies, both physically and mentally, will have a profound effect on the environment within the body. Any of these factors individually could make us sick but often times it is a combination of many acting in accordance to overtoxify the body into a state of self-repair.

… While air pollution may not be as “sexy” of a theory as “viruses” to explain our current ailments, you will find there is much better evidence relating air pollution to every single symptom associated with “Covid-19” as well as its contribution to respiratory disease.

Image: Maxim Tolchinskiy @ Unsplash

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