The Great Regression

Toby Rogers

… Since December of 2020, 13 billion doses of the most toxic shot in human history have been injected into people worldwide. Perfectly healthy people dropping dead in the prime of life is now a daily occurrence across the developed world.

… Others have focused on the ways in which this constant toxic assault leads to cancer or infertility in a population.

But these toxic harms also have neurological effects and change the values of a society. The structures of the brain are like layers of an onion that have developed over eons — from the most primitive animal instincts at the base to the ability to process logic and reason in the neocortex.

But what we have seen in my lifetime, particularly in the last few years, is the Great Regression as society steadily loses the cognitive abilities that took so long to develop.

 The entire global economy is about to stall out permanently because of vaccine and other toxic injuries. … the remaining sane people around the world will soon recognize that the Great Detox is the only way forward. The Great Detox is literally the only path to generate economic growth again in a world that has been poisoned. And so, when our moment comes, we have to be ready to implement it.

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