The Spike Protein


I often get asked many questions regarding the so-called “coronavirus” spike protein, such as whether or not it actually exists and whether it is actually in the vaccine. Does this particle hold any biological relevance whatsoever or is it just another in a long line of illustrations used to generate fear? If anyone is unaware at this point, the spike protein is said to be the 9-12 nm protrusions seen in TEM images of the “virus” which gives it the spiked or “corona” appearance around the outside edges. According to mythology, these proteins allow the “virus” to penetrate the host cell and begin the infection process.

… Obviously, there are quite a few problems with this story beyond the inability to observe the fictional spike protein production process play out inside a living organism as well as the fantastical evolutionary powers of this tiny protein. If one were to think about this critically and logically, one would ask the same questions that should be asked about the evidence for the existence of any “virus.” How was this spike protein discovered? Has this protein ever been observed in nature? Was it purified and isolated directly from the fluids of sick humans or was it a creation of the cell culture process? How was its functioning determined? Were proper controls carried out in any of the studies?

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