The Story of a Great Delusion

Amandha Dawn Vollmer

… The book The Story of a Great Delusion by William White from 1885 discusses the disgusting and deadly practices of the charlatan Edward “Fast Eddy” Jenner with variolation and vaccination regarding cowpox and smallpox that killed and maimed thousands of children.

The mothers, particularly, were screaming from the rooftops during this time to try and stop this mob-rule mentality from killing their children, but alas, we see the same mental disease to this day.

… How many more decades need to pass before we make the simple and obvious connection that vaccines damage the body, trigger detox mechanisms (and often damage them) that they designed the vaccines to mimic, and lead to debilitation and death? When will we undo the mind control programming that these disease-states are not diseases at all but expressions of correction and are not contagious?

How long is it going to take for us to notice how corrupt the vaccine industry really is and that the organizations involved in promoting them always have conflicts of interest: a revolving door between said industry, governments, and alphabet corporations (CDC, FDA, Health Canada, NIH and all the various Departments of Health (DH))?

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