Too Many Physicians Are Ignorant, Cowards or Just Biased

Joel S. Hirschhorn

After truth-telling in my writings for about two years, I remain saddened that the vast majority of the public remains victimized by propaganda in favor of vaccines and boosters while ignoring the many truths I and others have been shouting.

It now seems essential for all of us who know the truth to put much of the blame on regular doctors that people ordinarily see. The unfortunate fact is that nearly all of them are a combination of being ignorant (about COVID, vaccines, and their alternatives), cowards for being unwilling to risk their jobs and prestige, and just plain biased ⏤ in supporting what government agencies and medical establishment forces have hit the public with.

… Here are a series of questions (just examples) to ask your doctor. Their willingness to take the time to listen to your questions and seriously answer them tells a lot about them.

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