Understand the Difference between Synthetic and Whole Food Supplementation

David Jockers

Synthetic supplements are nutrients that have been synthetically (man-made) derived in a laboratory. These nutrients have an identical chemical structure as the whole food derived nutrition. They do not deliver the same results though.

Even though the chemistry may be identical there is a significant difference between man-made and natural nutrition. Light passing through a natural vitamin always bends to the right due to its molecular rotation. This is a (d) configuration for dexorotary. Synthetic vitamins behave differently. That same ray of light splits into two parts when passing through– one part bending to the right (d for dexorotary), the other to the left (l for levorotary).

… When you consume synthetic ascorbic acid, the body must gather all of the other components from the body`s tissues in order to make the complete complex. If the other components are not present, the body will simply eliminate the ascorbic acid in the urine.

… Synthetic supplementation can also be very dangerous on the body. Due to the lack of absorption, they can stress the liver and kidneys as the body tries to detoxify and eliminate the excess.

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