What Causes Water to Move Inside the Body?

A Midwestern Doctor

… one of the most interesting characteristics of liquid crystalline water is that it effectively functions as an energy source living systems can utilize. Its ability to spontaneously move into a more structured form (which the muscles, for example, utilize) is one such example.

… Sadly, beyond the dangers of blood clots or strokes, few appreciate just how vital healthy fluid circulation is for the body or how many different types of fluids move through the body. Conversely, I believe many of the benefits attributed to a variety of therapies arise from their increasing fluid circulation within the body.

… Because many of these circulations occur within structures other than the classic vessels (arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels), anatomists have built their discipline around identifying, many critical circulatory pathways have only recently been discovered. For example, the Primo Vascular system, the essential but well-hidden system that best maps to the acupuncture channels, was only confirmed to exist in 2013.

In the case of the interstitial fluid, a circulatory network for it that exists throughout the entire body was only discovered a few years ago.

Image: Noelle Otto @ Pexels

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