What is Causing the Explosion of RSV?

A Midwestern Doctor

When the vaccination campaign began, many predicted it would lead to an increase in other infectious diseases … before we proceed further, I need to state that there is a major piece of evidence which argues against it, that being that the increase is also being observed in children between 0-6 months of age, a cohort which the vaccines has not yet been authorized for. Although it is likely some infants in this age range are nonetheless being vaccinated, I am seriously doubtful that enough are being vaccinated to create the effect observed in that age range. In turn I can o er the possible explanations for this inconsistency:

•Something besides the vaccines is causing this spike.
•Vaccine shedding (which I suspect is mediated through exhaled spike protein containing exosomes) from individuals around the infant is mimicking the effects of vaccination.
•Infants have in effect been vaccinated because their mothers were vaccinated. •Immune suppression within the population is causing much higher levels of RSV to circulate, hence increasing the infectious dose children are exposed to (increased infectious doses correlate to a more severe outcome) and possibly creating an internal terrain that creates more pathogenic RSV variants to emerge (immunosuppressed individuals o en create harmful variants)

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