What the Actual WHO is Going On?

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

… A new and not shocking development has occurred with regards to the public participation process on the #PandemicAccord. Despite promising a hearing June 16th and 17th, like we had in April (again, only due to powerful global activism/advocacy), WHO has again broken its commitment to the people, and intends on drafting the #PandemicAccord without a second round of public comments.

How do we know this? The INB will be meeting this month to discuss and possibly draft the #PandemicAccord ahead of their 1 August deadline. In other words, there is time for the INB to meet, but there is simply no time for a second round of public comments on #PandemicAccord. Should we give them, the INB of the WHO that is, the benefit of the doubt, given what is at stake for us here?

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