What’s Wrong With Being Vaccine-smart?

Kevin Cheung, Laurent Leduc, Claus Rinner

When you hear a gunshot, do you hide or do you go check it out? When you visit a destination in a seedy neighbourhood for the first time at night, do you take the longer road with street lights or a shortcut through a dark alley? When you see two merchants selling a brand product, but one does so at half the usual price, whom do you buy from?

If you need to pause before answering any of these questions, are you being “hesitant”? Or are you being prudent, clever, and “street-smart”?

For months, people who for one reason or another have decided not to receive any of the currently available injections for COVID-19 have been labelled as “vaccine-hesitant”. What is more, they have been ridiculed and vilified by mainstream media with statements which under normal times would be regarded as morally reprehensible and would not have passed through any responsible editor.

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