Who Owns Who?

Ah Kahn Syed

Two completely unrelated stories crossed my path this week and I am going to join them for you. 

… The big red line is there to show that these are totally separate stories, agreed? On the left you have the sudden rush from Moderna to sue Pfizer  for patent infringement over the mRNA technology in the “Pfizer vaccine”. And on the right we have a new preprint last week (the Qin paper) which shows how wonderfully effective a new mRNA-LNP formulation for the flu vaccine is in a mouse model.

… The Qin paper shows that the vaccine RNA included in a lipid nanoparticle (LNP), which is known/intended to go to the ovary, can get into the genetic line.

… If a therapeutic patented RNA is injected into a mother, and it is passed to the offspring of that mother, the owner of the patent can claim licensure rights on the offspring.

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