A New Bacterial Disease? No, It’s Just More Fearmongering

Dawn Lester

In the past few days there have been a number of media reports about a new potentially dangerous ‘disease’, although at the moment it seems to be confined to the UK, as can be seen by a 2nd December BBC article entitled Six children die with Strep A bacterial infection

It would seem therefore that the fearmongering narrative about ‘pathogenic viruses’ has now been expanded to include ‘pathogenic bacteria’. But bacteria are no more to blame for disease than ‘viruses’, even though, unlike the particles called ‘viruses’, bacteria definitely exist and can be observed.

… One of the main consequences of the idea that bacteria are the causes of these health problems, is that the recommended ‘solution’ is to prescribe antibiotics, which, by their very nature, are toxic; their intended purpose is to kill the bacteria.

It is asserted that the most appropriate antibiotic for Strep A is penicillin on the basis that it is said to not be affected by antimicrobial resistance. This is yet another mistaken notion, but one that distracts from the fundamental issue, which is that bacteria have not been proven to be pathogenic.

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