Canada Health Alliance

Citizens’ Group Query and Notice on Informed Consent and the Safety Risks of the COVID-19 Genetic Vaccines

Canadian doctors, scientists, academics and public interest groups

… To make an informed health decision, we need to first assure ourselves that your value judgments were not tainted by the legal hazards of bias, conflict, negligence, error, groupthink, and regulatory capture.

To date, your conduct has raised a number of serious red flags of concern with us. You have not been open, candid, and transparent with your clinical trial and public health data. You have made it exceedingly difficult for us to get a clear medical opinion from our doctors, many of whom are too scared to express any safety concerns they might have, under threat of being reprimanded by their disciplinary college. In essence, you presided over a climate of coercion and intimidation that has interfered with the doctor/ patient relationship, undermining our ability to make an informed health decision in consultation with an un-conflicted physician.

… You have now been formally put on notice by Canadian citizens represented by the signatory groups to this letter. If you opt to start up a similar campaign of coercion this Fall, we are entitled to seek any and all legal remedies against you to which we are entitled, both domestically and through international courts of law.

All along, you ought to have recognized that the best public health strategy would be to assure us that you were open to public debate, and that you were providing unrestricted public access to all your clinical, regulatory, and public health data and protocols.

Until you do so, we are of the opinion that you cannot credibly be seen to be acting in pursuit of safety or the public interest, but rather in pursuit of other agendas influenced by bias and conflicts of interest.

Finally, we respectfully call upon the Governor General to view this document as a petition in the name of millions of Canadians against the unprecedented overreach and multiple Charter breaches of His Majesty’s advisory Privy Council. The Governor General’s declaration that our rights have been wrongfully abridged would go a long way toward reining in the harmful and unethical conduct of the current government.

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