COVID-19 and the Unraveling of Experimental Medicine – Part III

K. E. Thorp, James A. Thorp, Elise M. Thorp

In this third part we examine the path not taken: a handful of cheap, widely available, home-based therapies—ozone preconditioning, hydroxychloroquine, and light/vitamin treatment—which, had they been implemented early in the pandemic could have reduced morbidity and mortality by 80% or more. We estimate these interventions could have prevented about 4.8 million deaths globally and 768,000 in the US and in the process put an early end to the pandemic. Contrary to claims made by COVID-19 czar Anthony Fauci, there is an abundance of evidence in the medical literature in support of the very treatments he rejected out-of-hand. Moreover, the evidence was present well before the pandemic but was ignored by medical scientists. We conclude by discussing implications of the fraudulent mRNA vaccine scheme and the dark web of manipulation and disinformation promulgated by those who sponsored this dangerous and ill-conceived experiment. The pandemic sounds a clarion call mandating widescale reform of the healthcare system, medical-industrial complex, and their incestuous relationship with governmental and academic oversight bodies.

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