COVID-19/SARS-CoV2: An Exploration

The White Rose

WE ARE AT A CRITICAL TIME IN HUMANITY’S JOURNEY … how we act now will build the future for our children.

Whatever our beliefs, views, expertise and perspectives are, we must all participate in this unfolding situation with the best clarity and open heartedness that we can bring. This journey of research and questioning has led us to discover that although it began with exploring the science behind the vaccine and lockdown measures it ended up revealing to us that this is about more than the vaccine, it is about who is in charge in the world, who it is deciding the way we can and should live. And it revealed to us that these people are not acting in our best interests. They are not openly and lovingly exploring the science together with the remarkable global community of brilliant minds; they are in fact choosing to ignore much of it,
and what is worse, hiding it from the people of the world.
So how do we remain free of agenda they are pushing on us all? What is the cost if we ignore what is happening?
We urge you, for the sake of your own lives and especially for the generations to come, to look again at what you believe is happening and to acknowledge that both action and inaction build the future: One builds our own future, one participates unconsciously in someone else’s. Let us build a world rich and nourishing and beautiful and free for us ALL.

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