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Did Health Officials Enable Big Pharm to Defraud the Government?

Thomas Harrington

Perhaps no phrase has been used with greater persistence by government officials and agencies during the last 20 months than “safe and effective.” 

… This same description of the MRNA injections has been repeated endlessly in the mainstream media and in public service announcements like this, funded with taxpayer money. 

But what if the vaccines were not safe and effective? And what if the government spokespeople and agencies who repeatedly characterized them as such had very good reason to know that these assertions were not actually rooted in empirically demonstrated results? 

Would it not be fraudulent to state blithely and repeatedly from government platforms that this was flatly true—thus fattening Pharma revenues—when, in fact, the manufacturers of the product being offered and then imposed upon the American public stated repeatedly that there was no factual basis for making this assertion? 

… It would seem at the very least that we are looking at a clear case of highly organized lying. 

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