Did the CDC Just End COVID-19?

A Midwestern Doctor

Many individuals believe the COVID-19 pandemic has been largely from a litany of bad public health policies. 

… These guidelines were primarily political rather than scientific and the result of zealous politicians who were highly incompetent, corrupt and likely malicious. Since the time those policies were enacted, a federal investigation confirmed that political influences superseded sound scientific policies in the agencies responsible for overseeing the pandemic response …

… in the new guidelines (which at long last appear to be focused on preventing COVID-19 in high risk individuals rather than a blanket approach to everyone) the following changes have been made:

•No more contact tracing (outside of special settings).

•No more asymptomatic testing (outside of special settings).

•No more isolating unless you are sick.

•No more social distancing.

•No more masking if you are unclear if you have COVID-19.

•Axing all the highly problematic policies that have been used to keep kids out of schools.

Unlike the old ones, none of these recommendations discriminate based on vaccination status.

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