Effect of Covid 19 “Vaccines” on Bone Malformation in Babies

Craig Paardekooper

An FOIA request by Judicial Watch led to the disclosure of the reproductive toxicology studies carried out by both Moderna and Pfizer.

Reproductive toxicology studies are required to be carried out in at least 2 species before a drug can be given to men or women of reproductive potential.

Moderna and Pfizer each carried out one study on rats. Each study consisted of about 40 rats. In both studies the female rats in the experimental group were vaccinated, and the female rats in the control group were unvaccinated. The male rats were never vaccinated, so the impact on male fertility is completely unknown.

… So, the only reproductive toxicity studies carried out by Pfizer and Moderna were these rat studies. And in these studies we find that the vaccine did have an effect on bone malformation that was declared to be significant in the Moderna study. It doubled bone malformation.

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