Health Official Admits in Court That Millions of Canadians Have Been Experimented on with Covid Vaccines

Rhoda Wilson

Court testimony reveals that Canada’s top health expert did not recommend a vaccine be a requirement before boarding a bus, train or plane. Even worse, the human trial for the Covid vaccine is now underway and millions of Canadians are part of the experiment.

It’s an astounding revelation, according to lawyer Keith Wilson, who is representing former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford’s lawsuit against the federal government for what they describe as the most far-reaching breach of charter rights in Canadian history. It prevented six million people’s right to freedom of movement because of a ban against unvaccinated people from travelling on buses, trains and planes.

Wilson also recalled his cross-examination of Dr. Celia Lourenco, director general for Health Canada that approves vaccines. She argued that the vaccination approval process changed for the Covid vaccines. Until Covid, all vaccines were approved following animal trials and two human trial phases. But for the Covid vaccine, the human trials were skipped.

Dr. Lourenco confirmed under oath that the human trial is going on right now as data is being compiled with the general population and Canadians were not told of the risks, Wilson said. “That was a big one for us to get her to confirm that this is a huge experiment that’s going on.”

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