Food Freedom – Part 1: The Genetic Engineering and Synthesization of Our Food System

Lucy Crisetig

With Covid policies reshaping everything from farmland ownership to meat processing to restaurant eating to food costs and availability, it’s clear that critical battle lines are being redrawn.

One of the most disturbing new battlefronts has to do with the most age-old of rights, the right to grow, raise, harvest, produce and consume the food of one’s own choosing.

Food freedom has been under attack for a long time and it’s becoming increasingly evident who the perpetrators are.

… “Synbio’s” proponents describe this new scientific frontier as the leveraging and manipulation of the “script of life” to make “useful materials.” With the help of tools such as CRISPR gene editing, scientists insert synthesized pieces of DNA into an organism’s genome, “exponentially accelerating gene evolution.”

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