Is Immunity Debt Real, or Should You Keep Kids in a Bubble?

Joseph Mercola

Children who aren’t exposed to germs on a regular basis have different microbiomes than those who are. The microbiome, in turn, plays a decisive role in how well one’s immune system works.

Exposure to nonpathogenic microorganisms helps prevent immune-mediated chronic disorders, as they act as immunomodulatory signaling agents. They basically train your immune system to function normally and not react excessively or unnecessarily.

There’s also evidence suggesting that certain childhood infections may reduce your risk of certain chronic illnesses. Measles infection, for example, could potentially lower your risk of cancer in the future.

In August 2021, a French group of pediatric infectious disease experts warned that “immunity debt” caused by a lack of exposure to common viruses and bacteria during COVID lockdowns and school closures may predispose children to suffer more infections in the future.

The potential benefits of natural infections have fallen by the wayside as the single-minded focus on vaccination has taken over. We now see the medical industry trying to erase knowledge about the lifelong benefits associated with infections, especially childhood infections

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