Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection by Earthing

Haider Abdul-Lateef Mousa

Earthing is a body contact with earth without insulator. In previous studies, grounding revealed anti-inflammatory effect, immunity enhancement, anticoagulation, and rising blood oxygenation.

… An observational and interventional study included 71 cases with COVID-19 infection. Earthing was applied as preventive and treatment measures. All participants conducted earthing through direct contact with the earth or connecting apparatus for about 15 min to 6 h/day.

… People who applied earthing as preventive measure for COVID-19 had contracted mild illness or even never acquired the illness. In patients with COVID-19, grounding produced a shorter illness duration, a rise in blood oxygen level in patients with hypoxemia, and temperature reduction. Earthing also relieved dyspnea, cough, weakness, headache, body pain, taste and smell sensation loss, and anorexia.

… The earth’s surface has an unlimited and constantly regenerated supply of free electrons. It is electrically conductive, and its electron supply is renewed by the global atmospheric electrical circuit. It has been suggested that free or mobile electrons from the earth could improve chronic inflammation by favoring as natural antioxidants. The effect is proposed by free electrons influx that absorbed into the body through direct contact with the earth probably neutralizes free radicals and, that way, minimizes acute and chronic inflammatory events.

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