RSV Nonsense

Amandha Dawn Vollmer

RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) has been part of the fear agenda as of late. Let me rip the bandaid off, there is no such virus. Actually, there are no viruses at all.

Truth in this realm has been inverted completely. So what is happening when we have a lung expression that they are labeling RSV?

To begin, we must understand that when bodily tissue is damaged, the frequency of the cell is altered via its EZ water (H3O) levels dropping from destructuring (stay tuned for my video lecture on EZ water also known as the hexagonal 4th phase of water that gives our cells battery life.) This begins a signaling process to call for help to repair it or use the apoptotic mechanism. Think of it as a drained battery.

… What is really occurring is a cytopathic effect caused by tissue toxicity, hypoxia, and lack of energy in the cell.

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