Selection of Bach Flowers for Improving Sleep Quality

Sheila Katia Cozin Nosow and Maria Filomena Ceolim

Objective: to promote a reflection on the proposal for selection of five Bach flower useful for the improvement of sleep quality.

Method: a descriptive study, reflective theoretical type, from the PubMed search tool, articles published in MEDLINE database, and books with original data on Bach flowers.

Results: some Bach Flowers refer to mental/emotional issues related to poor sleep quality, referring to thoughts and excessive worries, night terror, fatigue and uncontrollable spread of consciousness; there are also indications to use over a floral simultaneously in achieving greater efficacy.

Conclusion: improved sleep quality should be obtained when its mechanism is achieved comprehensively, physically, psychologically and emotionally, the flowers are a good choice therapy to achieve it, especially when used in synergy; in this case using together Aspen, Clematis, Hornbeam, Chestnut Red and White Chestnut are a chance to sleep.

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