Short-Term Benefits and Long-Term Damage Ingesting Probiotics, Antiobiotics and Enzymes

Robert O. Young

Taking probiotics and enzymes can have perceived health benefits with many long-term harmful effects!

Probiotics and enzymes are acidifying to the body and therefore should not be ingested for long periods of time. Probiotics are biological transformations of what use to be healthy organized matter into bacteria, yeast and/or mold.

All bacteria is the evidence of matter fermenting and breaking down to adapt to a changing acidic environment. There is no such thing as healthy bacteria. All bacteria including the ones found in the body and especially in the small and large intestines are morbid evolutions of putrefying plant and/or animal food and/or body cells.

My theory is to keep your alimentary canal clear, clean, free of cellular debris and all bacteria, yeast or mold. This would be the healthy alkaline state of the small and large bowel at a pH of 8.4 to 9.0 and a charge of -80mV.

When one is constipated with undigested animal flesh in the small and/or large intestine, acidic probiotics and enzymes may help to breakdown this undigested protein. This may provide for temporary relief with better bowel elimination. This may be the only benefit from ingesting these potentially harmful acidic supplements.

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