The COVID-19 Vaccines & Beyond: What the Medical Industrial Complex is NOT Telling Us – Part 3

Sally Saxon, James A. Thorp and Deborah Viglione

This Part 3 provides an overview of several issues relating to the effectiveness of the COVID vaccines.
It discusses ways in which the data and definitions have been manipulated to misrepresent and hide
the vaccines’ true effectiveness. It addresses the high number of breakthrough cases, a comparison of
natural vs. vaccine immunity, and risk/benefit analyses. It also briefly addresses the issue of whether
the vaccines are causing the variants, and reports from other sources showing serious adverse impacts,
including autopsy and embalmers’ findings, and unprecedented increases in life insurance and disability
claims. This part concludes with a discussion of “who needs to be protected from whom”, including the
problem of shedding, and the second of three reasons that answer the question of why many have not
heard this information before.

Link to Part 4:

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