The Marburg “Virus:” Precursor to Ebola

Mike Stone

The first people “infected” had been exposed to Ugandan imported African green monkeys or their tissues while conducting research

In some cases, patients died from severe hemorrhagic shock on the day after hospital admission
Note that there is zero information on what treatments the patients underwent before and after admission to the hospital which could have worsened their clinical symptoms

Airborne transmission between humans did not occur

full recovery from severe illness without hospital admission/treatment…

Rudolf Siegert performed experiments with Guinea pigs and found that the agent could be passed among Guinea pigs and exhibited pathogenicity that increased from passage to passage(i.e. the more they injected Guinea pigs with cultured diseased goo and tissues, the more they became sick)
However, all efforts to determine the etiological agent by light or electron microscopy failed and opportunistic bacterial infections were a major problem

they claimed there was a “virus” inside the toxic goo serially passaged and injected into Guinea pigs but they could not find it

injecting diseased tissues and fluids successively into Guinea pigs and causing symptoms equalled “isolating a virus”

the entire “isolation” process did not involve the purification and isolation of any “virus” directly from human fluids and instead relied entirely on assumptions based on indirect evidence obtained from animal, antigen, and EM studies using unpuri ed and non- isolated material from Guinea pigs

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