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Yes, mRNA Vaccines Are Different. Here’s Why.

Ah Kahn Syed

How are mRNA vaccines different from traditional vaccines? Here’s the list.

(1) they contain mRNA, not protein or inactivated virus.

(2) they contain LNPs (lipid nanoparticles) which are transfectants and transport those RNAs into the cells of the recipient in order to do this. 

(3) they distribute to and accumulate in the the ovaries and express RNA there, with unknown consequences, and are the only vaccine linked to widespread menstrual disorders.

(4) they are found in lymph nodes still active at least 2 months later with the inevitable risk of T-cell and NK cell exhaustion. 

(5) the protein they produce for over 2 months interferes with p53 activity leaving the cells they transfect at risk of HRD-driven (homologous recombination deficient) cancers. 

(6) The LNPs have their own toxicity profile in addition to the RNA component

(7) The RNA sequences contain oncomirs, microRNAs which have been shown to be carcinogenic. 

(8) the proteins produced by the LNP-mRNA have not been sequenced or identified as being the proteins intended, as opposed to recombinant vaccines in which the proteins have to be assessed by the regulators as pure.

(9) COVID mRNA vaccine sequences contain g-quadruplexes that can interact with Glycine zipper fragments and produce prions. 

(10) the 3’UTR of the mRNA (part of the backbone in which the RNA sequence was inserted) was only tested in mice by Ugur Sahin’s group in 2019 and never tested in humans prior to a global rollout of the vaccine which used it.

(11) the 3’UTR (essentially a biological adjuvant) contains sequences of human RNA coding for a tumour suppressor (AES) and ribosomal RNA. 

(12) the possibility that the immune system might react against the human RNA (or other constituents, or the cells infected by the RNA) in the vaccine means that there is a risk of severe and intractable autoimmune disease arising as a result of using this RNA. 

(13) The risk of myocarditis, thrombosis and death far exceeds all previous vaccines according to VAERS, DAEN and the yellow card scheme

(14) The COVID mRNA vaccines have negative efficacy

(15) The vaccine study conducted by Pfizer (C4591001) that claimed to reduce infection rate by 95% was … plagued by misconduct 

(16) Traditional vaccines don’t kill people from metallic contamination

(17) Traditional vaccines have to pass rigorous analysis to ensure the purity of the product. 

(18) Traditional vaccines only comprise the products shown in the product disclosure statement. mRNA vaccines use your body’s own cells to create proteins but there are multiple reasons why those proteins might not be what was designed. 

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