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Can mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Alter Your DNA? Here’s What the CDC and ‘Fact-Checkers’ Got Wrong.

Jeremy R. Hammond

The entire “public health” establishment and the mainstream media’s censorship-promoting “fact checkers” have maintained since even before mRNA COVID‑19 vaccines were available that scientists know with absolute certainty that the mRNA from the vaccines cannot alter human DNA. However, the arguments used to support that conclusion consist of factual and logical errors.

One argument presented by the establishment is that the mRNA (and spike protein) from COVID‑19 vaccines is eliminated from the body within hours or days at the most. But that is false. Scientists have shown that the mRNA (and spike protein) can persist in the body for months.

The main argument used by the CDC and others is that the mRNA does not enter the cell nucleus, where the DNA is located, and therefore it is impossible for the genetic instructions from the vaccine to be integrated into the DNA of the vaccinated person. But that is a non sequitur fallacy. In fact, there is a mechanism, long understood by scientists, by which mRNA is “reverse transcribed” into DNA, which then is potentially capable of entering the cell nucleus and being incorporated into the host DNA.

While the CDC and most “fact checkers” contented themselves with that non sequitur, a few prominent sources did acknowledge the ability of mRNA to be changed into DNA via the enzyme reverse transcriptase. They argued that the vaccine mRNA does not encode for that enzyme and therefore it is impossible for the mRNA to be reverse transcribed into DNA. But that is another non sequitur fallacy. It overlooks the fact that the body makes its own reverse transcriptase, and thus the theoretical possibility remains.

A study published in February 2022 demonstrated reverse transcription of COVID‑19 vaccine mRNA into DNA in human cells in a lab. This study did not prove that this occurs in the living body. The researchers also did not go so far as to determine whether that DNA could then integrate itself into the DNA of the cell line they used for the study. What it proved, however, is that the key claims made to deny the biological plausibility of this outcome, which we have been constantly bombarded with by the establishment, are false.

In another study that has not yet been peer reviewed, another group of scientists reported the finding that mice exposed to the mRNA-encapsulating lipid nanoparticles from a COVID‑19 vaccine had altered gene expression that was inheritable by their offspring. This does not mean that the vaccine altered the DNA of the mice because alteration of DNA is not necessary for genetic traits to be inheritable. The field of science known as “epigenetics” is dedicated to understanding how gene expression is altered by environmental factors such as heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, and vaccines.

The media’s “fact checkers” have claimed that mRNA COVID‑19 vaccines are not gene therapy while self-contradictorily attempting to reassure the public that the technology used in these vaccines is not new, which alludes to years of prior research and development of mRNA technology for gene therapy.

Correcting for the errors made by the CDC and others leads us inescapably to the conclusion that scientists do not yet know whether a consequence of mass vaccinating billions of people will be inheritable alterations to genes or gene expression. They do not know because it has not been studied. The “public health” establishment has instead been acting on faith that this will not occur with these mRNA products.

While the sheer number of hoax “fact check” articles has lent an appearance of numerous media outlets all independently investigating and arriving at the same conclusion, in fact, many are partnered with the Poynter Institute and social media companies like Facebook and Twitter in an organized effort to suppress certain information. The criterion for whether information is to be suppressed is transparently not factual accuracy but whether it aligns with the certain government policies, such as the policy goal of increasing demand for COVID‑19 vaccines.

The Poynter Institute has received funding for its ostensible fact-checking efforts from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting global vaccination campaigns and has partnered with Moderna, the manufacturer of one of the two mRNA COVID‑19 vaccines used in the US. The US government, too, is partnered with Moderna and even claims joint ownership of its COVID‑19 vaccine. The “fact check” industry consists of a web of such conflicting interests, with the illusion of “independent” fact checkers being heightened by their reliance on each other’s ostensible journalism and incessant repetition of the same government-sanctioned disinformation.

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