Canadian Doctor: Hospitals Should Apologize to Everyone Fired over ‘Unscientific’ Jab Mandate

Jack Bingham

In a series of passionate tweets, Ontario-based doctor Matt Strauss called on hospital CEOs to “pick up the phone and call everyone you fired over unethical, ineffective, unscientific vaccine mandates” as a way of combating the major staffing shortages hospitals are facing in the province.

… Strauss also made a few other suggestions, such as having CEOs “commit to working 2 shifts per month as a frontline health care worker in [their] background profession,” paying nurses more, and admitting the pandemic “is over.”

As indicated by Strauss, while most of the COVID hysteria from the past two years has died down, Canada’s healthcare sector is still using disproven scientific rationale to hold on to many of their so-called pandemic measures.

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